Soul Curry Art

Hi, my name is Ishita, the creator of the Mad Men Modern world of Soul Curry. Artist, dreamer, poet and color addict, my art is conceived and created from my home studio in Montreal, Canada.

My art is an assimilation of my life experiences, merging imagination and association to create vivid and bold abstracts, people, faces and non traditional portraiture, rendered in strong color, motifs and details. Through my pieces, I weave a story of people, of time and of the human relationship of the earth, nature and its dwellers. I create art that is a reflection of me and you. Our inter-relationships as humans in each of our unique journeys.

My artworks reside at the intersection of moods, feelings, nature, abstraction and colors. From mid-century modern inspired art, bold colorful abstracts, or dramatic & rich Cubist faces, my art is modern, my media is mixed and my style is continuously evolving. Organic lines and marks weave through my art, marking the passage of time, of feelings, emotions, memories and associations. The juxtaposition of visual and sensory experiences that is visceral in its simplicity and exuberant in its joy, lending color to the narrative of the life and heart of the homes it resides in.
Through Soul Curry Art, I strive to give tangible forms to complex emotions like grief, longing, loss, love, suffering. The interplay of human relationships, whether with one’s own self or with others is a recurrent theme in the pieces I make.

You'll find something for every kind of art lover in my extensive collection of original artworks and abstract art prints, available in a wide range of sizes.

My Art Process


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