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My name is Ishita

Artist, dreamer, abstract and color addict, I trained as a classical, fine artist, with a Bachelors in Fine Arts (BFA) degree in Applied Arts and an Masters in Fine Arts (MFA) in Communication Design. My art is an assimilation of my life experiences, merging imagination and memory to create vivid and bold abstracts, people, faces and non traditional portraiture, rendered in strong color, motifs and details.

Working in the mixed media techniques, I use acrylics, inks, watercolor, pens, markers as well as digital textures and paintings. Straddling surfaces of paper, canvas, illustration boards and drawing on the iPad with an Apple pencil, I like to blend traditional methods of drawing with digital paintings.

Human interactions, emotions, moods, and feelings inspire my work. I love abstracting these feelings and associations. Depicting people and nature in their tempestuous forms, plays a big role in my work. Actively seeking out gnarled, broken, rocky, cyclic, layered, and grungy aspects of nature, I try to find the beauty in the bizarre, the unexplained.

Through my art, I strive to give tangible forms to complex emotions like grief, longing, loss, love, suffering. The interplay of human relationships, whether with one’s own self or with others is a recurrent theme in the pieces I make.

My style is often described as Mad Men Modern. I am inspired by simple shapes, unusual color schemes, whimsical lines and pop art. Both the retro and modern styles of art inspire me as I try to find ways to juxtapose the unexpected with the expected.

Threading lines, textures and markings in my work tell the story of the passage of time, the inter-connections of forms, both tangible and abstract.

I am deeply inspired by the Cubist style of art, unconstrained, outside the lines, breaking free of traditional rules, and the role of interpretational abstracts that are as transient as our feelings.

I live, love, create and work in Montreal, Canada, using locally sourced materials, Canadian made products, eco friendly printing techniques, while consciously trying to reduce my carbon footprint by eliminating wasteful packaging and synethetic materials.

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