Specializing in modern and contemporary original artwork, Soul Curry Art is inspired by mid-century modern and the Cubist art movements to create art for the home that speak volumes for your decor, brand & projects

Conceived, & created in Montreal, Canada, each creation is thoughtfully crafted to make a unique statement in a timeless and contemporary style

Contact us for brand partnerships, commission artwork, licensing, projects, bespoke pieces, interior design or residential and office projects for both web2 and web3 brands

Every one of my art is copyright protected and cannot be copied, reproduced or used without my authorization and permission.

If you are in Montreal you can arrange a visit to my art studio 

Send us an email or book an appointment by phone or text

Email: soulcurryart@gmail.com, info@soulcurryart.ca 

Phone: +1 514-629-4204

Address: 5560, Place Beaminster, Montreal, H3W 2M3, Quebec, Canada

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