Being able to attend NFT NYC 2022 was an eye opening experience for me. I went expecting to learn more about this incredible new way of sharing and collecting art. But what left a lasting impact on me was the opportunity to get to meet and speak with so many of you out there who have found and resonated with my art.

I was stopped on the streets by people who recognized my art on my t-shirt. It was a conversation starter and it got me thinking about how the art we own is often a reflection of ourselves.

Why should we be limited to displaying our art on our walls or in our digital wallets? The art we connect with says so much about us, why should that expression be limited? By not just collecting, but wearing our favorite art, it allows us to make a statement about who we are, without having to say a word.

So many people stopped and asked me about my t-shirts, wanting one of their own. Now is your chance!

This limited edition Style With Soul series is only available NOW through July 16th, 2023. Don't miss out!

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