A picture is worth a thousand words, but some things in life cannot be confined to words or even images.

SoulCurryArt’s Modern Abstract collection distills our most recognizable emotions, concepts, and natural elements down to their essence. Available as an art print or canvas, our modern abstract art prints will infuse any space with color, movement, and style.

Abstract art transcends genres, giving voice to feelings and ideas that might otherwise be difficult to name. From Jackson Pollack to Georgia O’Keefe, some of our most revered masters have found their place in the artistic freedom of modern abstract art.

With SoulCurryArt, you can share and celebrate this freedom with a one-of-a-kind modern art print that you can’t find anywhere else.

Be Free

Traditional artists use easily recognizable images as symbols for the emotions, ideas, and wisdom that inspire them. The problem is that these images are layered with cultural meanings that are often specific to a time or place.

Modern abstract art cuts through these layers to pierce our souls at a subconscious level. It refuses to be constrained, limited, or defined. It challenges our expectations of what “art” can be.

When you decorate your space with an original Soul Curry modern abstract print, you’re joining in the celebration of a free soul that’s passionately committed to being anything (and everything) it can be.

Be Original

Every person who has ever lived has had their own unique experience on this earth–feelings, thoughts, and memories that are distinctly theirs.

SoulCurryArt’s Modern Abstract collection reflects this individuality in a lively range of color and motion. Whether you’re relaxing at home or hard at work, our abstract art prints can influence your emotions, actions, and mood.

Bask in the serenity with Ethereal Nature-Rainforest. Honor the quiet dignity of nature with Heaven & Earth. Celebrate your own indomitable spirit with Espirit-Spirit.

But while our lives are unique to us, all of our emotions–joy, pain, grief, love–link humanity across time, country, and culture. Each of our modern art prints has been conceived, designed, and created to express these universal emotions in an innovative way.

Be You

We created our Modern Abstract collection to not just celebrate your “you-ness” but share your unique human experience with those around you.

At SoulCurryArt, we don’t sell our art prints on third-party sites and we don’t license their use by any other vendor. Our designs are fresh, original, and 100% unique, allowing you to be a trend-setter in your own right.

Whether they’re aware of it or not, everyone who sees our unique artwork will instantly understand the emotions behind them.

Our designs are fresh, original, and 100% unique, allowing you to be a trend-setter in your own right.

Whether you prefer the dynamic colors of Luna or the somber honesty of After the Rain, these modern abstract art prints allow you to be truly, unapologetically you.