2 abstract paintings on a wall behind a white table
The Scandinavians have an innate design aesthetic, that encompasses their life and lifestyle. Clean lines, a minimal zen decor and neutral colors define the Scandinavian style of design. Liberal uses of wide white spaces, peppered with aesthetically placed blacks, wood accents and clean perpendicular lines. From the iconic IKEA furniture designs, to Nordic illustrations, birch wood planks and clean white walls add to lend a timeless appeal in decor, interiors and in design.
I am drawn to the Scandinavian aesthetic primarily because of its clean lines, geometric structure and liberal uses of negative space. The white and neutrals of Scandinavian decor both scare and excite me endlessly. I am often scared to break the neutrality of a design or space with the introduction of a vibrant piece, yet my colorful blood leads me veering in that direction. I love to study how the neutral surrounds and elevates a bold splash of color like orange or magneta in its midst
Abstract painting hanging behind a couch
Soul Curry fine art print "The Kiss" works well in the Scandi-bohemian home
Then I discovered the Scandinavian-bohemian style of art and decorating and I knew instantly, that I was home.
Scandinavian-bohemian combo is a delectable blend of a scaled-back and insanely stylish version of the free-spirited aesthetic set within the confines of a clutter-free zone. Maybe it's our perpetual state of wanderlust that resulted in this style, maybe it was the need to add color to the neutral, but the end result is this artful mix of a cool "undone" yet curated boho-chic look.
Pastel and bohemian decorated room with abstract wall artboho chic room with bed, chair, and wall decor
If you're looking to mix the two styles in your own space, the main tip is to not overthink it. Start with a white walls, clean lines in big pieces of furniture and layer on from there.
Create zones where trinkets and art can be grouped together. Break the neutrality of bookcases with color, foliage and art and add bold pops of color or statement making art to draw the eye to the focal points of the room. Layer in texture for a luxurious feel and choose stylised and modern minimal lighting to boost the art and mood of the space,
Living room with artwork on the wall. There's a table, couch, and console area.
Brightly colored room with sunflowers.
Go with your gut rather than thinking about how you're going to design with two categories of styles. Choose things that resonate with who you are and the life that you lead, the paths you have traveled and the story that your curated art tells. At the end of the day, if the home reflects who you are, people are going to feel comfortable in it because it feels like a natural extension of who you are.
Ishita's artwork on a table. It's titled 'Pebbles' and is abstract art.