Abstract art arranged on a wall
How To Put Together A Gallery Wall.
We've all drooled over amazing gallery walls in magazine spreads, home decor blogs and Pinterest. I am deeply addicted to Apartment Therapy and their home tours are a visual feast that I visit over and over again. My goal for this year is to put together a gallery wall that showcases who I am, my travels, my eclectic taste, but most of all be full of treasures and memories and art that makes me feel happy. Like any project this is a process that takes time and can be quite expensive to do. But it can also be a daunting task of putting together a visual story for you and your home.
So how do you go about putting together a gallery wall? Here are some tips and inspirations to get you started on the gallery wall project for your home.

1. Curate

Curate a variety of images in different shapes and sizes. They can be flea market finds, quirky printable quotes, wallpaper swatches, original paintings, family photographs or kids art projects. Include a large piece and use it as an anchor point and build around it.
Several paintings arranged on a wall inside a home
Abstract art arranged on a wall inside of a home

2. Stay Neutral

Choose frames that are black, white, light wood or neutral colors to prevent gallery wall sensory overload. Keeping the frame or the matt colors neutral will open up the space visually and bring focus to the art.
Opt for one or two frames in a vintage gold or chrome color to prevent the wall from being too monochromatic.

Several pieces of artwork arranged on shelves
Image Courtesy: 
Framed artwork arranged up a wall
Image Courtesy: Elsiegreen.com

3. Define Unusual Areas

Define a breakfast nook, entryway or hallway with a gallery wall composition. Go floor to ceiling for bold drama. Going vertical will automatically draw the eye upwards and create a feeling of space.
2 walls covered in artwork

4. Line Up

If you have art of similar shapes and sizes, you can even line up the artwork for a more even and structured look. Try to leave a minimum of 3 inches between each frame and go horizontal or vertical in equal steps.
Black and white artwork in a single line up a wall
Image Courtesy: thecut.com
Artwork arranged on a wall
Image Courtesy: Interior Design Home

5. Think Vertically

Most often, gallery walls spread out wide, but tall or narrow groupings have a certain modernity to them that feels unexpected and super elegant. Plus, filling a wall top to bottom (no matter your room height) will most certainly extend your ceilings to make your space look loftier than it is.

6. Mock it up

Finally, it is always better to mock up the gallery wall by using paper templates and laying them on the floor till you are satisfied with the arrangement. Cut up old newspaper or rolls of Kraft paper to resemble the picture sizes, tape them to the wall, step back and assess how it makes you feel. Try to view the room from different angles to get a complete picture. Some companies offer templates that you can print out and tape to the wall and use it as the final guide to hang up your art.
artist with a pen drawing
blank wall with outlines for painting placement

7. Use a Grid: 

And when all else fails, use a grid. I love these fun grids by https://www.mydomaine.com/gallery-wall-hack

wall arrangement ideasMock up of paintings on a wall

How to arrange art on a shelfHow to arrange art near stairs

Finally, things to really OWN your gallery wall are:

  • Add personal elements
  • Pick art in varying sizes
  • Have more art than you think you’ll need
  • Don’t overthink it
  • And always tell yourself that there is never a wrong way to do a gallery wall :)
Now that you have the basics on how to hang a gallery wall. Here are some modern art prints from Soul Curry Art that will enhance any gallery wall in any style of home decor.
Black and white abstract on a wall behind a couch
Black and white abstract people on a wall
Abstract art hanging on a wall
Primary abstract artwork hanging on a white wall
    August 04, 2020 — Ishita Banerjee