As the saying goes, “the best things come in pairs.”

At SoulCurryArt, we took this adage to heart and matched our favorite art prints with a piece that coordinates and complements them best. The result is a perfectly curated look to elevate any space.

Available in multiple sizes, our favorite designs are available in print sets of 2 to take the guesswork out of coordinating multiple pieces of art.

Any one of these compositions is a sure conversation starter, but when coupled with a complementary work, they’re a statement piece.

Better Together

SoulCurryArt is a true marriage of natural elements and abstract design. With a double set of art prints, this dynamic relationship is brought into full relief.

Movement and shapes play off each other. Lines flow in and out of balance. A coordinating color palette creates a seamless blend. The result, however, is pure harmony, where the final set of 2 prints is much more than the sum of its parts.

While each of these art prints is available separately, we think you’ll agree they come to life when paired with their “SoulMate.”

Make a Statement

If one print can catch the eye, imagine the visual impact that a duo conveys. As a pair, our double sets of art prints “talk” to each other in a way that isn’t possible on their own.

By itself, Wildwood evokes quiet moments of contemplation, but when paired with Lilies on the Lake, the result is an almost riotous celebration of spring, growth, and renewal. Rock Faces and Tangled Rocks share a similar color scheme and aesthetic, but when paired together as Rocks Duo, their differences are accentuated in the most harmonious of ways.

The additional visual space that two art prints command merely adds to the eye-catching effect.

Use any of our art print sets to anchor a gallery wall of your favorite pieces or on their own for a clean, yet striking, statement.

Something For Everyone

At SoulCurryArt, our collection of art print sets has something for everyone. Note how the bold colors and fluid movements in Vivid contrast with the monochromatic still life of Sprout & Stem. Meanwhile, the organic shapes and colors in Organic Rocks are the perfect blend of abstract and realism.

Or feel free to mix and match these art prints for a more eclectic look. With a similar color palette and the same soft lines, Turquoise and Wild Forests would make a calm, yet colorful collection for any living space.

Whether your mood is colorful and energetic, calm and peaceful, or a little of both, each set of art prints is sure to complement your home or office as well as they complement each other.