Our faces do more than let us interact with the world around us. They are a vital part of our identity.

SoulCurryArt’s Cubist Faces Collection puts this concept into an entirely new perspective. Available as an art print, rolled/stretched canvas, or framed painting, our favorite cubist designs will add color and movement to any area of your home.

Even though cubism as an art form is more than 100 years old, there is nothing “old fashioned” about it. Unlike other genres, this groundbreaking art style has retained the revolutionary sense of shape and movement that first popularized it in 1907.

At SoulCurryArt, we bring that originality to you. From Aura to Windows to the Soul, each piece has been designed to feel modern, fresh, and subversive.

Be Bold

Modern art was created to challenge the status quo, command attention, and make room for art to continue evolving.

We wanted our Cubist Faces Collection to pay homage to this history while simultaneously reinventing a familiar artistic style. By incorporating one of SoulCurryArt’s eye-catching cubist pieces into your home or office décor, you’re not just decorating, you’re making a bold statement.

The strong lines, striking movement, and daring colors don’t just reflect who we are, but who you are as well. Display one of our Cubist portraits in a conference room as a conversation piece for colleagues and visitors. Or, hang it in your bedroom or home office to remind yourself of your own unconquerable soul.

Be Colorful

Color is about far more than just pigment and hue. Think of the confidence you feel when wearing your favorite color. Or the serenity that washes over you when looking at the ocean.

Whether you prefer bright tones or a monochromatic palette, SoulCurryArt’s Cubist Faces Collection lets you color your world–literally.

Make a splash with the neon colors of Ensemble or Convergence or opt for more somber tones with River Warrior. And while the palette of Foundations of Stone may be neutral, it will never “blend in.”

Color is one of the surest ways to influence and express our emotions and it contributes so much to the ways we create. Through our bold (and often unexpected) color schemes, we aspire to change the way you see the world.

Be You

Some of our favorite artistic masterpieces rose to popularity because they were groundbreaking in some way. But after a while, it’s only the most obscure artwork that feels truly radical.

At SoulCurryArt, we don’t sell our art prints on third-party sites and we don’t license their use by any other vendor. Our designs are fresh, original, and 100% unique, allowing you to be a trend-setter in your own right.

Whether you prefer the retro look of Geisha Girl or the modern emotion inherent in The Wanderer, our cubist portraits will infuse your space with a dynamic perspective.