Ishita filling in abstract painting

The Mad-Men Modern style evolution

How does an artist find a style? Or does the style find the artist instead? Is there such a thing as a "style" or is it what feels right in that moment? For me, it has been a daily practice of feeling and expressing something onto a surface, till it felt right and authentic to what I was hoping to achieve.

Ishita painting on canvas

Complicity: original framed canvas painting, Soul Curry Art

January 04, 2021 — Ishita Banerjee
Black and white abstracts on a wall

A Black & White moment

Black and white is timeless, it is modern and classic. It can be minimal or decadent. In fashion and decor, art, textiles and ceramics, black and white will transcend language and will continue to hold its appeal for centuries.
I use black everywhere in my work. playing with the positive and negative forms in The Couple, the inky black nothingness of The Abyss. The rendition of a vividly colorful Parrot in black and white patterns which focuses on surface embellishments rather than its color. 
Timeless black and white abstract prints
August 02, 2020 — Ishita Banerjee